Green Plants Extracts (GPE)

Nutraceuticals International Group® works hand in hand with a France based company, Green Plants Extracts (GPE), to exclusively distribute their newest, most innovative ingredient Saffr’activ® in the U.S. GPE is an herbal extract supplier from France, who develops original and safe plant ingredients for the dietetic, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries which all adhere to legal European requirements.

Global Pharmatech

Nutraceuticals International Group® has signed a joint venture agreement with Global Pharmatech of India to develop, market and sell indigenous Indian products to manufacturers worldwide. Global Pharmatech adheres to highest standards of quality by strict compliance to cGMP, WHOGMP, ISO 9001:2000, as well as good laboratory practices (GLP). Global Pharmatech says they are excited to collaborate with a premier global company such as NIG, with presence in key markets such as the USA and Europe.

Kirsch Pharma

Nutraceuticals International Group® is excited to have entered into an agreement with Kirsch Pharma South Africa, for the sale and distribution of our extensive range of Patented and Trademarked ingredients throughout Southern Africa. Kirsch Pharma South Africa is a subsidiary within the Kirsch Pharma Group. They specialize in supplying raw material to the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Cosmetic, Food and Veterinary Industries. With 18 years of local and global experience in the Industry, Kirsch Pharma continuously strives for optimal service by offering competitive pricing of premium quality ingredients. Hermann Broschk, managing director of Kirsch Pharma SA says, “We are looking forward to introducing NIG's high quality ingredients to the Southern African market."


Nutraceuticals International Group® is pleased to announce its partnership with Principium of Switzerland to be Principium’s exclusive distributer for the U.S, Canada and Mexico. Prinicipium, a Swiss company, develops ingredients and technologies for the cosmeceutical, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. All of their new ingredients go through an intensive screening of in-vitro, ex-vitro, and in-vivo tests for efficacy and safety parameters. Prinicipium provides a complete dossier for each product whether it originates from natural, chemical or biotechnological sources. They develop their complete line of natural ingredients using only soft technologies, avoiding the use of solvents and focusing on naturally reproducing a full spectrum of active components.


Nutraceuticals International Group signed a long term Partnership agreement with Nutrachem of Mexico. Nutrachem will be the exclusive, authorized distributor of NIG's botanicals & herbs, flavors and nutritional ingredients which includes all of NIG's proprietary and patented ingredients. Nutrachem specializes in marketing and selling nutritional ingredients in the Sports Nutrition, Functional Foods, Cosmetics and Beverage markets in Mexico. Through our partnership, Nutrachem will be able to meet or exceed the highest standards in the industry, and fulfill the needs of all who demand the only the finest in quality and reliability. By expanding our company with Nutrachem, NIG is continuing to extend our international presence and remain competitive in the global marketplace.